Established in 2007, Zenith swiftly became a leading construction company in Dubai. With significant growth in 2010 and successful projects including residence towers and Expo 2020 developments, the company underwent a restructuring process, emerging as Zenith Group with 12 subsidiary companies. This transformation has positioned us as a versatile one-stop construction solution for our clients.

Design & Build

With a wide range of in-house capabilities, Zenith Group has successfully completed numerous projects in Dubai. Additionally, we’ve played a pivotal role in various aspects, including construction and interior work for well-known brands, residential projects and Expo 2020 developments, underscoring our unwavering dedication to construction excellence.

Interior & Art Decor

Zenith Group is a specialist in luxury interior design and the execution of premium finishes, setting the standard for creating exceptional interior spaces that redefine the experience of luxury living.

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